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Emily Damiano


Jessica Kramer


Amanda Wright Mandy Marie Michaels




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darlene curtis

Darlene Curtis

Playmate of the month

June 2001

heather carolin

Heather Carolin

Playmate of the month

April 2002

holly joan hart

Holly Joan Hart

Playmate of the month

April 1998

julia schultz

Julia Schultz

Playmate of the month

February 1998

kelly marie monaco

Kelly Marie Monaco

Playmate of the month

April 1997


Jillian Grace

Miss March 2005


Tamara Witmer

Miss August 2005

Nicole Narain

Miss January 2005

Amber Campesi

Miss February 2005

Christine Smith

Miss December 2005

jodi ann paterson

Jodi Ann Paterson

Playmate of the year


kimberley stanfield

Kimberley Stanfield

Playmate of the month 

July 2001

shanna moekler

Shanna Moakler

Playmate of the month

December 2001

stacy sanchez

Stacy Sanchez

Playmate of the year


tina marie jordan

Tina Marie Jordan

Playmate of the month

March 2002

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Taryn Black Alisha Harmon Black Brooke Blue


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Amber Campisi Cara Michelle Buffy Tyler

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Christine Smith Summer Altice Marketa Janska







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Annie Bronson

Anika Knudsen

Kate Brenner

Stephanie Loren


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stacy marie fuson

Stacy Marie Fuson

Playmate of the month

February 1999


marilece adrada

Marilece Adrada

Playmate of the month

March 1998

kym malin

Kym Malin

Playmate of the month

May 1982

natalia soklava

Natalia Sokolova

Playmate of the month

April 1999

alicia rickter

Alicia Rickter

Playmate of the month

October 1995


victoria alynette fuller

Victoria Alynette Fuller

Playmate of the month

January 1996

gillian bonner

Gillian Bonner

Playmate of the month

April 1996

carol imhof

Carol Imhof

Playmate of the month

December 1970


karen mcdougal

Karen McDougall

Playmate of the month

December 1997





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darlene carol bernaola

Darlene and Carol Bernaola

Playmate of the month

January 2000

anka romensky

Anka Romensky

Playmate of the month

February 2002

brooke berry

Brooke Berry

Playmate of the month

May 2000

jennifer rovero

Jennifer Rovero

Playmate of the month

July 1999

summer altice

Summer Altice

Playmate of the month

August 2000

brooke richards

Brooke Richards

Playmate of the month

December 1999

irina voronina

Irina Voronina

Playmate of the month

January 2001

teri harrison

Teri Harrison

Playmate of the month

October 2002

brande roderick

Brande Roderick

Playmate of the year


kelly burke

Kelly Burke

Playmate of the month

June 1966



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